Sinostariptv is a Chinese company created by the SZBESCOM Shenzen which developed a software that searches tv channels, videos using the internet.

Does SINOSTARIPTV manufacture iptv boxes? 

We don’t manufacture mag IPTV boxes at Sinostariptv, we buy them. Every customer purchasing a box becomes the owner of the same, and there is no possibility of return except in case of malfunction. The warranty is 6 months.

Does SINOSTARIPTV play channels on its own? 

NO! Sinostariptv is exclusively a software that searches for the most stable sources and therefore provides the best channels. Channel list is never fixed, and is subject to change. We will never guarantee that any channel in our software will work.

Does SINOSTARIPTV charge for channel subscription? 

NO! We charge the internet bandwidth and the usage of our software.

Some channels stopped working, what should I do?

E-mail us and someone from our office will contact You. Leave Your personal information and phone number. Also, the list of channels is not fixed. We can not guarantee that any channel will work. WE DO NOT SELL CHANNELS AND WATCHING CHANNELS WITHOUT PROVIDER SUBSCRIPTION IS ILLEGAL.

Troubleshooting what should I do? 

Visit www.sinostariptv.info and send and open a support ticket.  Our customer service member will contact you as soon as possible.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

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